Advantages of accommodation in Cuba in family homes

Casa Marlen

What does lodging in Cuba consist of in family homes?.The family houses are private homes whose owners have obtained a license from the State with the aim of renting it to tourists.

If, for example, a Cuban family has a private home with a free room, it can request a license from the Cuban government in order to accommodate visitors. For tourists, this type of accommodation is cheaper than a hotel and at the same time you can count on the advice and support of the Cuban family on their vacations.

This hotel typology is broader than an accommodation in Havana in a family home, but it extends to various municipalities on the island.

The rental of a house in Cuba allows you to explore the Cuban reality, especially those people who enjoy integrating into the country at their own pace, without following the quadrant of the activities programmed by a tour operator.

The offers of accommodation in Cuba in family homes provide the peace of mind that has already been verified at destination by Cuba and Beds staff, and you will only access legal and safe houses. In addition, the payment has been made once the houses have been verified, and not in cash upon arrival.

Where to stay in Cuba? Do I look for a house rental in Cuba, or better a hotel? There is no definitive answer. It depends on how adventurous you are, your tastes when traveling and your budget. If you prefer to play it safe, an organized trip is your option, although more expensive.

Regardless of the different facilities and services offered by renting a house in Cuba, there is a typically Cuban heritage that you will surely enjoy: the Cubans themselves. Cubans are welcoming, of great human quality and bonhomie, and with them you will never feel like a foreigner, but a family member.

When is it better to travel to Cuba?

Both for accommodation in Cuba in family homes, as well as for an organized tour, you should know the characteristics of the climate of the area and its impact on geography. Cuba is an island in the Caribbean and, as such, suffers some climatic instability, with hot and dry summers and wet winters.

The propitious time to visit Cuba is usually the four-month period between the end of November or the beginning of December, until April. If you want to organize a vacation in Cuba of sun and beach, the driest months, between the end of November to April, are sunny and with a more benevolent climate.

The months of May to October are the most prone to rain and tropical storms. Even when they are intense, the heat feels anyway.

Between November and February, cold currents and precipitation can affect the north of the country, in areas such as Varadero. If you plan a Christmas holiday in Cuba, choose the crystalline beaches of Cayo Largo del Sur, protected from the cold currents.

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