Accommodation for you in private homes in Cuba

Casa particular

Cuba has traditional tourism facilities (hotels, resorts, etc.) limited in number, and not always up to the expectations of an increasingly demanding tourism.

Cuba and Beds is a service that aims to make life easier for those who want to know Cuba with greater freedom, without the closed tours of typical organized trips. Experience an authentic Cuban holiday with the inhabitants of the island.

Casa particular

What is the accommodation in private homes in Cuba?

Cuba and Beds is a service that allows you to book a Private House directly from the country of origin of the visitor. The traveler can know in advance from the web the type of house, the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room and all the services you will enjoy during your holidays.

In comparison with the classic hotel, the tourist stops feeling like one and has the impression of being part of a family. You can also rent a whole house, in which case the presence of the owners is not necessary.

The houses that collaborate with Cuba and Beds have been tested and guarantee a high level of quality, safety and courtesy. Cuba and Beds has on-site personnel, Cubans, who guarantee full compliance with the commitments assumed.

The private house not only offers the services of the bed and breakfast, but goes beyond that. With a small extra cost you can enjoy abundant and fresh breakfasts, adapted to the Anglo-Saxon or European taste, and rich and tasty meals prepared by the owners of the house especially for visitors with fresh and genuine ingredients. There is also the option for the traveler to cook their own food according to their tastes.

Casa Colonial Dany y Carlos

In some homes you now also have an Internet service, an important factor for those who must stay in touch, even during vacation periods.

Why choose lodging in private homes in Cuba?

In Cuba it begins to be frequent to stay at the home of real Cubans instead of staying in expensive hotels. A private house is a private home where you can find one or more rooms, most with private bathrooms, dedicated to tourist accommodation. Also the whole house, according to your needs.

Since 1997, these owner families have been authorized by the Cuban government to rent the rooms of their homes to tourists. The officially authorized and recognized houses pay taxes to the government and are duly registered. You can recognize them by the certification symbol pasted on the facade of the house.

Apartamento Nuevo Vedado

A private house in Cuba is always cozy, pleasant and comfortable. It is not uncommon for you to be able to stay in some splendid colonial houses, with very high ceilings and columns in the interior, with interior patios or terraces that offer impressive views of the surrounding landscapes.

The prices are competitive, the optimal services and hospitality unparalleled. You will be very well received and you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the true Cuban environment.

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